Why CIPP is The Modern Way to Repair Pipes?

Modern pipelining, or CIPP repair work, is quick, non-invasive and long-lasting. CIPP is an environmentally-friendly pipe repair method that causes minimal disruption. It uses a flexible liner that’s inserted into an existing pipe. The repair does not require digging. It rehabilitates pipes that are plagued with roots, cracks, or holes. Here are some reasons CIPP is the modern way to repair pipes:

Most Significant Benefits of CIPP Repair

  1. There is no need to dig multiple trenches on the property. Your landscaping and buildings won’t be damaged to access pipes.

  2. It saves money because it is far less labor-intensive and customers don’t have to pay to restore landscaping and structures.

  3. It reduces the chance of sewer failure.

  4. The new pipelining has better flow efficiency.

  5. It works on pipes that run at angles and have multiple bends.

  6. CIPP repair is less intrusive and results in less collateral damage. It is suitable for historic buildings.

  7. The lining process can normally be completed in a single day.

  8. The process is environmentally friendly, and the pipe can last up to 50 years.

Traditional Pipe Repair Is Destructive

When a sewer breaks, it must be repaired. In the past, the only method was to dig up and replace the pipe. Digging could entail tearing up streets, blocking access to businesses and inconveniencing residents. CIPP is guaranteed to give you trenchless results. It accesses the pipeline through a manhole in order to eliminate the need for digging. This way landscaping and infrastructures are left untouched while the pipelines that lay below are being worked on.

Hire Technicians Certified in CIPP

Training and experience matter in this specialized type of work. Our CIPP technicians are trained and experienced. Our properly configured cured-in-place pipe may last for 50 years or longer. Contact us today for high-quality, professional CIPP installation.

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How Commercial CIPP Repair Aims to Limit Business Disturbances

When commercial pipelines have to be repaired, it often can cause some major disturbances for businesses. The flow of business can be disrupted for days or even weeks depending on the extent of the repair. Luckily, having commercial pipelines repaired or replaced doesn’t have to be stressful or disturb the flow of daily business. CIPP, or cured in-place pipe, repair provides a way to fix damaged pipelines without causing a huge fuss. Here is how commercial CIPP repair aims to limit business disturbances.


Uses Trenchless Technology


Tearing up the ground in and around your business isn’t necessary when it comes to repairing pipelines. Traditional commercial repair methods often leave businesses turned upside down. These methods require digging large trenches or digging into walls in order to expose the damaged pipeline.  With CIPP repair, there is no reason to tear your business apart just to fix commercial pipes. CIPP only requires access through a manhole or a small entering to fix the entire pipeline. This means that your business and landscaping is left alone during CIPP repair.


Faster Repair Process


Traditional repair methods can take days to complete. This means that your business could potentially be without vital elements such as water or waste removal for days. While this may not be a big deal for some businesses, it can shut others down for the duration of repairs. Commercial CIPP repair is faster than traditional repair methods. CIPP installation only takes a few hours to complete. This means that your business is only without commercial pipelines for hours rather than days.


Longer Periods Between Repairs


Even after the trenches are filled and the holes are patched up, traditional repair methods don’t last as long as CIPP.  With CIPP repair, you don’t have to worry about pipeline repairs for years. This is because CIPP uses a resin material instead of metal, which is commonly used with traditional pipeline repair methods. Resin isn’t as susceptible to the elements as metal which means that it lasts several years longer. Having larger periods in between repairs means less delays and disruptions.


When it comes to commercial pipelines, CIPP repair is the way to go. CIPP aims to limit business disturbances by using trenchless technology, providing quicker repairs, and allowing for longer periods between restoration. Having commercial pipelines repaired isn’t stressful with cured in-place pipe repair. Choose CIPP for a no delay, no disturbance pipe repair method.  


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Rodents, Cockroaches, and Flies- Signs of Needed Pipe Repair



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Don't you wish there was a way to know the signs of a needed CIPP repair before things got ugly? Pipe repair has to be at the top of the list of homeowners’ most hated repairs. It causes major damage and quickly gets expensive. Below, we are going to cover a few signs that just might give you a head start on some of those issues.


Rodent Infestations and Sewer Repair

A rodent problem may be a sign of a break in your sewer lines. We all know that rats live in sewers, , but did you know it’s possible for them to make their way from the main city lines and into your pipes? An average sized rat can squeeze their way through an opening in your sewer lines the size of a quarter! Rodents can carry and spread many different life-threatening diseases. Keep this in mind if you notice a rodent problem that you can't seem to solve through regular pest control solutions. There could be a correlation between your rodent infestations and a need for sewer repair.


Insect Infestations and Sewer Repair

Insect infestations and sewer repair can definitely go hand in hand. Insects such as cockroaches and sewer flies have an even easier time getting through cracked sewer lines than rats. Cockroaches can cause all kinds of medical issues, especially for children. The feces, saliva, and body parts can trigger allergic reactions or asthma symptoms. Again, as mentioned above, if you notice an insect infestation that cannot be managed through normal pest control measures, you may need to have your pipes inspected.


In conclusion, rodents and insects are drawn to moisture, food, and rot. If you are in need of a repair, this could be what is attracting these annoying pests. CIPP repair is typically less expensive and less time consuming than other types of pipe repairs. Moreover, if you wait too late, you could have even more damage to worry about. Be aware of any uninvited visitors. After calling for a technician, you just may have to call for an exterminator, too.

Signs of Pipe Failure: When to Call for CIPP Repair

Is your home or building starting to smell like sewer? Do you have lush green patches appearing in your yard or an out-of-blue rodent problem?  These are just a few key signs of possible sewer pipe failure.  It’s important to address signs of pipe failure, and know when it’s time to call for CIPP repair.

Regular Sewage Backups and Blockages

If you had your sewage pipes cleaned and are still experiencing constant back-ups every time you flush, wash dishes, or drain your water, then it’s possible you have an underlying pipe issue. Some causes of pipe failure include tree root intrusion and cracked, broken, or deteriorating sewer lines.  A sewer video inspection detects the underlying cause.

Sewer Gas Odor

Your home or business should never smell of sewer gas.  With the exception of roof vent stacks, a properly sanitized sewer should be extremely airtight. Any smell of sewer is a sure sign of a crack or opening within your lines. This a clear sign to contact your CIPP technician immediately.

Lush Green Patches in yard or lawn

Everyone loves having lush green grass that comes from properly watering, but it could be a sign of possible sewer problems.  Surprisingly, sewage is a great fertilizer.  A crack within your pipes allows the drainage to provide nutrients to your lawn, producing a luscious green appearance.

Foundation Issues

A sure-sign that you need a CIPP technician is cracks in your foundation. You might also notice the birth of sinkholes.  These are sure-signs that the main sewage line has sprung a leak under your slab. Contact a CIPP technician immediately.

 Pesky Rodents

You’ve had pest control out multiple times and are still seeing rodents, this could actually be a sign of a break in your or the city sewer lines.  Rats love sewers and a break in the pipes provides an open door into your walls. Given the fact that rats play host to a multiple of life-threatening diseases, scheduling a video inspection of your sewer is definitely advised.

 Insect Invasion

Just as a break is an open door for rodents, the same applies to cockroaches. All the American cockroach needs is a crack no thicker than a quarter and your home or building has become their new habitat. Once inside, these pesky bugs stir up allergens that can have an adverse reaction, especially in children with asthma.  An insect company can temporally cure the problem; however, only a CIPP technician will be able to pinpoint the cracked pipe and their revolving door.

Pipe failure has many symptoms. Should you be experiencing any of the fore mentioned issues, contact a professional CIPP repair technician. Knowing that you can resolve these issues will bring you peace of mind.